The Only Combine Events that GUARANTEE players that attend will get Noticed.


You are an aspiring player and you want to play at the highest level you possibly can. Maybe you’ve got a real shot at getting drafted? Maybe you did’t get drafted but you still want to play junior hockey? Maybe you were over looked? Maybe you bloomed late? Maybe politics got in your way? Maybe you just never got your chance to shine? It doesn’t matter which circumstance you fit in, if you want to play Junior or Collegiate hockey you have to get noticed. That’s half the battle for 90% of hockey players out there today.
Not all Junior & Collegiate teams are looking for just AAA guys, they’re looking for the best player to fit a roll. You just need the chance to show them you can fill a roll, and attending one of our combines will help you do this.
This is what you’ll get at one of our combines…
– A FREE Roster Point Player Profile
– On-Ice Testing – same format as CHL & NHL
– Off-Ice Testing – same format as CHL & NHL
– A Personal Scouting Report
– Lunch
– On & Off-Ice Testing Results compared against best in class & world
– CVS Evaluated – worlds most accurate ranking
– Roster Point Hockey Swag
– Showcase Game
– 2 Weeks of RPH Profile Visibility Boosts
– 2 Editions of RPH Weekly Player Showcase Newsletter

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