About Me

I moved away from home at 13 to attend the Hill Academy and play in the best league in North America, the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) with and against the best players in the world.


My Strengths

I’m a big & strong two-way, shut down defenseman that plays a hard heavy game against the other team’s best players. I play on both the PK, block shots and on the PP where my hard shot and the ability to get my shot through traffic is an asset.


Working On

The areas of the game I need improvement on the most is my dead stop first step acceleration and in motion first 2-step acceleration along with my cruising speed and cruising speed acceleration bursts. I always work on my skills and the mental side.


Career Goals

My goals are to get drafted in the first five rounds of the OHL and USHL draft. From there I will make my decision to play in the OHL or take the NCAA route.

Scouting Reports


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