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Today every aspiring hockey player needs Exposure and Promotion. Roster Point’s Online Promotion has helped players that were already ranked as well as players who weren’t ranked at all.


With a dynamic and customizable profile, players are able to market their hockey career from all angles.  Uploading game play footage and verified statistics allows a player to share objective information about their hockey career with recruiting teams.  Hockey players, for the first time, have the chance and highlight their skills on a global stage for recruiters and scouts to see. Active Player Promotion starts with building a FREE Player Profile on Roster Point and achieving a 5 Star rating. The Roster Point 5 Star Rating System functions as an indicator of the completeness of a players profile – achieving 5 Stars will attract more recruiting teams and deliver the player more opportunities to advance their career!

At Roster Point we understand that promoting your career is vital to achieving your goals in hockey, may it be playing at the professional level or receiving scholarships to pursue academics. No matter which end goal a player has for their career, our Active Player Promotion packages will offer that extra push of exposure their career needs.  We offer three tiers of Active Player Promotion, each being tailored more towards a player’s career needs. Our packages go above and beyond your FREE player profile and get your career in front of much larger audiences, through social media.  With our packages, we have built Roster Point Player Analytics which allow a player to track their exposure and ultimately see the success of their Active Player Promotion through Roster Point!

Active Player Promotion Service Details

  • Online Strategy – Using multiple Social Media Accounts, we’ve assembled a targeted audience of thousands of key influencers.  We target these audiences which essentially allows us to create an immense popularity campaign around the player, creating demand for the players skills set among drafting / recruiting teams. POSTINGS $19.99 EACH
  • Media Cards – Using a typical hockey card look we’ve developed our own brand of media card which lists the players Bio, Stats and Goals. These then are the content that we post on Social Media.
  • Video Cards – Just as the are called we use players highlight clips and attache them to the media card to create a more interactive post for our followers to view. The Video Card typically garnishes 50% or more views than just a media card.
  • Paid Posting / Boosting – This is a term used in the Social Media world that means paying for a post to be pushed out beyond our regular followers and target new audiences. Players have the choice of how many boosts they would like. BOOSTINGS $19.99 EACH
  • RP Analytics – It’s one thing to say what we’re going to do and a complete other to show you what we’re doing. RP Analytics Report will show the player and parent exactly how the Social Media Strategy was received by our existing and new followers. $99.99 / REPORT
  • Weekly Player Showcase – We email every school coach and junior coach a Weekly Player Showcase, players who end up on this Weekly Showcase are very skilled high level players. You could be showcased to these opportunities as well. $79.99
  • Player Carousel – I don’t believe we’ve left any rock unturned when it comes to promoting a player. Our Player Carousel lives on our front page and is the attraction of the website, you could have your profile on the carousel as well. $79.99 per Player
  • Professional Video – Video sells the player! If exposure is your goal, Video is a must. Player Profiles are looked viewed by scouts and coaches 85% more often when they have video. Roster Point will arrange video of the players game(s), Combine or other on ice activities. We send out our videographer $899.99, You send us video to edit $499.99
  • Tournament Teams – In 2018 we will be building our inaugural Tournament Teams. Players from all over the world are invited to play for Roster Point Hockey. It is our goal to put in as many teams as we can made of the best players that have used RPH to help promote their career. Players can sign up directly on the site or by asking one of our Area Scouts. $499.99 per Player
  • Combines – Attending a Combine set up by RPH will put you in front of more scouts during the Combine and your Player Profile will house your Combine Scores. $149.99 per Player
  • Junior Showcase – When we talk about Exposure we are dead serious about putting the player in front of every possible opportunity there is in the hockey world. We don’t just deal with a few buddies who happen to be scouts, we promote the players to the entire world and the Showcase will see the player interacting with local and regional scouts. $999.99 per Player
  • CVS Evaluation – Our independent Ranking Service CVS will add your profile in their yearly restricted evaluation. If a player produces a CVS Number the player will have a special identification banner on his profile and only high level teams will see his profile. This is a great honor to be a CVS Identified Player. The lowest percentage a CVS Player has of playing over 100 games in the NHL is 81.1%. $250.00 per Player

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Your Player Profile is your Hockey Resume. It could be the first thing a scout or team will see. Make the right impression.


With Profile Editor, you design your unique team profile, enabling you to attract highly-skilled players to your club.


The Player Profiles on are up-to-date with accurate information directly from the player and parent.


Our Instant Messaging lets you actively interact with players about camps, tryouts and team information.

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