A Roster Point profile can seem like a daunting task when you are first filling out your profile, but the need to be thorough is for your good. Consider this, you are essentially filling out a dating profile, but for hockey, so let’s take a look at what areas you need to highlight so that your dream junior team will be able to swipe right and bring you home.

Game Film

Since our first profile, the one thing that teams have always asked for is a game film. Game film in the hockey community is the bread and butter of hockey recruiting nowadays, and having top quality film can rocket you up a scouts list. The key to the game film is to have two sets of film available. A highlight reel with you highlighted scoring, setting guys up, forechecking and hitting is meant to bring in the scouts and show what you can do. The other set is a full game tape which will display to a scout that the highlight tape is not just a few cut shifts but rather your full potential. Some advice for those who are new to the site, make sure to cut down your full game tape to only your shifts, but have the original ready to send to the team!


Yes, scouts like to see you before they chat, and a profile picture will help get you connected to the teams you have always dreamed of playing for. Consider this, a profile with a photo is 80% more likely to get clicked on for more information than a profile without a picture. No matter how skilled you are, the simple things like setting up your Roster Point profile with a profile picture can make the difference between playing minor midget and playing junior hockey. Utilise your hockey or school picture, and you will be able to quickly highlight that you are serious about the next step of your hockey career without picking up a twig.


In today’s hockey analytic world, statistics are the new king. Luckily, many minor hockey teams and leagues are now tracking stats, and these stats can be easily inputted onto your profile. Make sure to ask your coach or GM for your most up to date stats, and ensure they are accurate. Scouts are going to check, so there is entirely no sense in lying. Even if you are a grinder, showcasing you can pop in a few goals while the team is rolling lines is always a bonus!

Extra Curriculars

Look, we all love hockey, but a well-rounded player is often better for a team than a single dimensional winger. In your bio make sure to highlight things such as other sports played, scholastic achievements and any other outside interests. We are not talking about going for a walk or playing fortnite, but rather outside interests that will catch a scouts attention. You would be surprised at how many players are given a second look just because a particular sport or activity caught a scouts or general managers attention!

Final thoughts

Roster Point is a powerful tool within the hockey community, and we have listed some significant ways in which you will be able to highlight your profile. However, one of the best ways to highlight your profile is with our new player subscription option which will showcase your profile to hundreds of potential teams. Roster Point can get you to the next level, are you up for it? Click here for more information on our new player’s subscription!