The mantra of respect and responsibility is something that the hockey community has emphasized since the beginning, but being responsible at such a young age can be a challenge for many players, especially if you are playing away from home. So what can you do when you are struggling to not only hold yourself responsible but your team as well? This is an issue that many young hockey players have faced, and here at Roster Point, we want to make sure that you are well equipped to ensure responsibility is in your second nature.

How to ensure you are responsible

As a young hockey player, responsibility is something that is crucial to success at the next level. No matter if you have been blessed with the skills to make a difference or a player who fell through the ranks that Roster Point got back on the radar, the difference between you and the next guy might come down to responsibility. Responsibility means more than just showing up to games and practices; it is a lifestyle change where you are responsible for your domain. This means school, hockey, friends and your health, it is you who is accountable, and only you to blame if you fail to meet your goals. A responsible student-athlete will get their work done, play hard and be courteous to those around them. Responsibility starts with you, so think you have what it takes?

How to ensure you are responsible for your team

Naturally, hockey is a team game, and thus young players need to make sure that they learn how to be responsible to their team. Responsibility with your team comes from two distinct areas; on the ice and off the ice. On the ice, responsibility starts with your play. No one likes a showboat or a prima donna, and your play with your teammates will dictate your level of responsibility. Go to the corners, get the puck deep, and make sure to handle your assignments, a responsible hockey player will go far in junior and pro, as long as they know what to do and when to do it. Off the ice, responsibility starts to become a little hazier. You are responsible for your team to stay in shape and treat your body right. Skip the 2 am candy and focus on your health! Besides your health, a responsible athlete will get the right amount of sleep and work with your teammates off the ice for the community and team building events. Half the battle when it comes to responsibility is how you carry yourself, and a well-mannered young man or woman will go far in the hockey world.

How to get to the next level

Responsibility is a character trait that will get you far, and if you have not been chatting with teams about your next opportunity, the time is now. At Roster Point we aim to showcase both your skills and character to potential junior and minor teams from around the country. From the up and coming keepers to the snipers and everything in between, Roster Point helps you get to the next level!