Being the Star in a Small Town

The bright lights of the hockey rink can feel like a spotlight on a young hockey player, but when you think about the intense focus that a small town team can endure, it is no surprise that some players do not like the pressure. However, in junior hockey, you...

You’re 15 and it’s time to get your own place!

Imagine being 16 years old and having to leave your friends, family, home, and everything you know to reach your dream of playing in the NHL. Decades ago, the only reason young players would leave the house would be for a guaranteed shot at the NHL. Nowadays, players...

How Do I Deal With a Negative Coach

We have all seen the classic scenario, the angry hockey coach simply ripping into the boys or gals after a disappointing first period. It is a scenario that we have seen across the country in the minors for years, and yet elite hockey players are taught to suck it up...

Why Good Players Go Unnoticed

Let’s face it. Being a good enough player to get places in hockey is difficult. Whether you are a forward, defenceman, or goaltender, there are so many aspects of your game that you need to continuously improve year after year. The most obvious of all is skating. In...

Get noticed more by Scouts and Teams with a Social Media Campaign

In a digital age where there are no secrets, social media has quickly become the number one source for news and information for people all over the world. The thing that many hockey players do not realize is that this applies to coaches and scouts as well. In the old...

Playing junior hockey and going to school, can I do it?

Written by: Scott Nordlund Hockey might be life, but school is your future, can you do both? It is a question that is asked by moms, dads and players alike, and here at Roster Point, we have answered it more than a few times to players on our site. The answer is yes,...

Staying Positive After Being Cut

The life of a junior or rep player can be tough, and this is especially true when you consider cuts. It does not matter if you are one of the best players on the ice or a role player, cuts happen to everyone. So what can you do? In this blog, we are going to touch on...

I’ve never played away from home, what to expect

Moving away from home is a struggle for those who are going off to college, but for those who are leaving to play junior hockey, this move often happens at a younger age, while still in high school. It will be an adjustment period, but if you follow this simple...


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