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CVS Sports Analytics is the only completely analytics based independent ranking service in the sport of hockey. CVS has proved itself to be by far the most accurate at ranking NHL player prospects as well as Major Junior prospects. Roster Point is proud to be working with this amazing company to help rank its own database of players. When a player signs up for Roster Point Hockey, they are immediately evaluated by the CVS algorithm. The algorithm then determines the chances of a player playing in over 100 games in the NHL. With every player who joins Roster Point being automatically ranked by CVS, our database is one of the largest ranked in hockey.

CVS was founded in 2006, and traditionally they have only shared their rankings with select general managers and scouts.  NHL scouts and GMs became very interested in the CVS system as it was able to capture 90% of all the players that went on to play over 100 games in the National Hockey League. With its success in the pros, an Ontario Hockey League Junior A team approached the company to see if their system would be successful in the CHL. It turned out that the CVS algorithm was, in fact, more effective at the Junior A level and saw eve more success that previously working with pros. These rankings challenge the traditional way to evaluate hockey players, and year after year CVS continues to produce exceptional results. Here at Roster Point, we want to bring together players and teams, and with CVS, teams will be able to see the value of each player. An OHL coach has called the results of CVS absolute genius, and NCAA scouts have quickly caught on to the value that CVS brings.

CVS is different than the other ranking systems because of its high level of accuracy. The CVS top 50 list is not based on who saw which player, or stat padding. It comes down to matching a player’s maximum capability and finding a team that matches. No matter what level you play at, you can end up with a CVS value. Adding the Roster Point database to the list of players that CVS already ranks increases the total number of players ranked each year. This means that there will be more players identified thus decreasing the number of players that get overlooked or missed by traditional scouting methods. Identifying players who should have the chance to prove themselves is our goal.

The partnership between CVS and Roster Point is the start of something great. Now is the time to take advantage of the great pricing being offered by Roster Point, no matter if you are a NCAA scout, or a GM of an OHL team, see the difference CVS and Roster Point can make next season today.


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