Why I would be a good candidate to play for your team

I am I strong 6 foot power forward not scared of anything. Love to score goals and am a team player. Also take my education seriously and have hopes/goals of playing university hockey

The last 3 years I have attended a private school called Rothesay Netherwood School. This is were I have developed and grown. I have played top level hockey and have great experience in winning championships. My grade 11 year the team and I took Home the PSHF championships, which gained us a spot in the MPHL for my grad 12 year. Also being a student athlete I was able to gain experience on studying on the road and keeping up with academics. Previous years prior attending RNS I have won multiple championships with the Charlottetown Abbie’s.


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Dallen Bulger Cell Number: 19023145758
Megan (Mom) Cell Number: 19026266445