Coach Reference

Easton Moore is a dynamic 200 foot player who plays very well in all 3 zones of the ice.  Easton has an offensive upside, is creative with the puck and understands how to use time and space effectively in the offensive zone but will also play very well within the confines of the team system and understands his individual role.  One of the strongest attributes of Easton’s game is his skating. He uses his edges extremely well and is a very efficient skater who doesn’t tire. Another area of strength in Easton’s game is his physicality. Though he is not big, he uses his body and balance extremely well to out battle larger or heavier opponents and enjoys initiating contact and/or playing in the heavy traffic areas.   The last but probably most important area of strength in Easton’s game is his knowledge, understanding and coach-ability. Easton is a very cerebral player and understands the game at an extremely high level. When he is put with other players who process on the same level as he does, it is very fun to watch! Easton is extremely easy to coach, takes constructive feedback well and asks very good questions which help to deepen his knowledge and understanding of the game.  I would love to have a kid like this on my team!


Jason Petry, Assistant Coach U15AA Hockey Central Panthers 2017/18 & AJHL Scout for the Lloydminster Bobcat



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