Having an online profile that you can update will increase your chances of getting to the next level.

There is a site that 9 out of 10 coaches and scouts visit to find data on the hockey players. The problem is this site’s data is 9 out of 10 times outdated or completely inaccurate. The site is Elite Prospects and there is a common misconception out there that they promote aspiring hockey players. The reality is they don’t, in fact they do the exact opposite. In a number of cases coaches have over looked players because the information they found on Elite Prospects was outdated or wrong. Do you want to be one of those cases? Or would you rather have a profile that you can update whenever you want? Each profile can be custom made to suit the player. They can add up to 10 images, multiple videos, physical data, a bio, references and they can search and message recruiting teams directly on the site. Players who have a profile on Roster Point can update it the minute something changes, like their stats, their height, weight and update their video footage. Every new profile is exposed to hundreds of teams using Roster Point to recruit players plus thousands of coaches and scouts across North America and Europe who follow us on social media.

To show the power of a social media post and how one can increase a players exposure, here are some stats, a player profile posted on our social media just one time will be seen by more coaches and scouts (Based on 15,000 current social media followers) than if he attended 30+ showcase events. (Based on there being 100 scouts per showcase event) Attending one showcase event can cost anywhere from $200 to $1000 depending on where the event is being held and some other factors. If you multiply the average cost ($600) x 30 events it would cost $18,000 to attend 30 showcases. Registering for our Player Profile costs $9.99 per month or $119.88 per year. The choice is simple

Our popularity continues to grow within the hockey community and our relationships with Junior, Pro and Collegiate Teams is strengthening. Our Mission,“To provide a neutral platform for aspiring hockey players to highlight their skill and talent to recruiting and drafting teams. Using our online tools like a customized player profile, messaging, notifications, player requests and our exposure methods, we’re breaking down logistical, financial and political barriers that have restricted players from advancing their careers”, has remained the same since day one. We continue to help players who have been over looked, never drafted and even drafted players who want the #1 draft position. Check out our Testimonials Page and our Wall of Fame Page.

For the serious player we offer a special Exposure Service called the ULTIMATE EXPOSURE PACKAGE (UEP) which can create demand for a skilled player. The UEP is a series of over 70 social media posts over the course of a year. With thousands of players getting over looked each year, the UEP can change the course of a players career. We have proven this numerous times since we introduced our service.

Parents of competitive hockey players must start to think about their players Exposure Plan at the Peewee / Minor Bantam age group. It starts with a Player Profile on Roster Point then add a UEP to ensure their player is getting noticed by the right people in the hockey world, not just the odd scout at their local arena.