The Roster Point Hockey Platform allows all players to promote them self to recruiting teams for only $19.99 / mo.

Roster Point Hockey gives aspiring players a platform to promote themselves to recruiting teams from all over North America and Europe. Each profile can be custom made to suit the player. They can add up to 10 images, multiple videos, physical data, a bio, references and they can search and message recruiting teams directly on the site. It is so important to have an online profile that you can make changes and adjustments to. 9 out of 10 coaches use sites like Elite Prospects to find player data but the problem it is all out dated and wrong. This data is put there by 3rd party people who don’t care about the players future. On Roster Point the player is in total control of his or her profile and can present directly to teams on the site.
We have also been using different forms of media to expose aspiring hockey players. Our successes to date speak for themselves. We decided to make a large investment into every aspiring player in North America and Europe. We have redeveloped our site to bring new features that will enhance the recruiting process and give them the maximum exposure possible. With over 40,000 Player Profiles in our new site, teams from every level are champing at the bit to get access to the new site

Our popularity has grown within the hockey community and our relationships with Junior, Pro and Collegiate Teams has strengthened. Our Mission,“To provide a neutral platform for aspiring hockey players to highlight their skill and talent to recruiting and drafting teams. Using our online tools like a customized player profile, messaging, notifications, player requests and our exposure methods, we’re breaking down logistical, financial and political barriers that have restricted players from advancing their careers”, has remained the same since day one. We continue to help players who have been over looked, never drafted and even drafted players who want the #1 draft position. We’ve seen hundreds of these players get offers from teams, get drafted into the NHL, CHL, USHL and receive commitments from NCAA Schools.

Recruiting teams can purchase a subscription to the site so they can access all of the player profiles on the platform. There are hundreds of teams from every junior league using our service. NCAA Teams are recognizing the value of a subscription to Roster Point as well. We are starting to see more Professional teams from the KHL showing great interest in finding players from our database.

We offer a special Exposure Service called a the UEP. The UEP, Ultimate Exposure Package creates demand for skilled players and what is better than having multiple teams after you? We all understand that without skill, no exposure plan will can help a player. For players with good skill the UEP will put the players name on the lips of thousands of coaches, which is what we want to see. We’re using many different techniques to get players in front of as many coaches as possible. The more people talking about a player the better his chances of making it to the next level. Using a proprietary system we use the following to guarantee skilled players get the exposure they need to reach the level they should be playing at.

Social Media Exposure – Using five of the most popular platforms our Social Media Experts can target boosted posts directly to decision makers. Each post is linked to the players profile where his contact information is located. Players and Parents are amazed at the number of teams that contact them.

Digital Media – Our new monthly e-magazine features UEP Players, recruiting and scouting content and advertising from manufactures, services and hockey goods companies around the world. Readership will top 15,000 from day one and is expected to grow rapidly ensuring UEP Players get even more exposure to teams.

Profile Review and Recommendations – Players typically fill out their own profile but our experts assist the player and make recommendations that will help their profile stand out among other profiles.

VIP Profile Banner – Each UEP Player will have a special banner across their profile indicating their profile is one of a UEP Player.

Collegiate Scholarships – If the player aspires to play Collegiate hockey and has the skill to potentially receive an athletic scholarship or the grades to receive an academic scholarship.

Potential Team Placement – Because we deal with a lot of teams very closely we are able to recommend players to them. The player often gets a special look that no other players will get.

Social Media & Profile Analytics – Giving you proof that we’re doing what we said we would do is important to us. We’ll provide you with a quarterly Analytics Report that shows you, in an easy to read format, just how your player is being received by the market.

Players that decide to take control of their online profile will pay a $19.99 per month fee to do so but if a player purchases a UEP their first year is on us.