Roster Point Hockey has the Experience to get
Aspiring Players to Junior & NCAA Teams

Roster Point Hockey has been using media to provide exposure for aspiring hockey players since November of 2016. We have had a tremendous amount of success ever since. Now we have created Exposure Memberships that provide unmatched exposure to Junior and NCAA opportunities.

Our popularity has grown with Hockey Coaches and Scouts, our relationships with Junior and NCAA Teams has strengthened with the hiring of Experienced Consultants and our influence has also become stronger which means players and parents can feel even more confident in RPH. Our Mission,“To provide a neutral platform for aspiring hockey players to highlight their skill and talent to recruiting and drafting teams. Using our online tools like a customized player profile, messaging, notifications, player requests and our exposure methods, we’re breaking down logistical, financial and political barriers that have restricted players from advancing their careers”, has remained the same since day one. We continue to help players who have been over looked, never drafted, drafted and not made the drafting team and/or have been completely unnoticed. We’ve seen hundreds of these players learn that they do posses the skill and talent to play at a higher level. They just didn’t have the exposure to the right teams and vise versa before RPH came along. Players who aspired to get an education and play the game they love only had Family Advisors to rely on for answers. Now they have Roster Point, a options to get answers plus an extraordinary amount of exposure which they were never able to get.

Players and Parent have the choice of 4 Membership options, each one providing a different level of exposure and will fit just about any budget. Below are the features and benefits of an Exposure Membership from Roster Point Hockey.

Social Media Exposure – We post player media cards on five of the most popular platforms. Our Social Media Experts can target these boosted posts depending on the Membership level and based on the players goals, playing record, stats and strengths.

Features on our Player Showcase Email – We send out a popular Weekly Player Showcase of Exposure Members to just about every Junior and Collegiate Coach in North America. We essentially create a Buzz around the player which naturally builds demand for the players skill and talent.

Player Profile Review and Recommendations – Players typically fill out our Bronze Membership Player Profile on their own. We make recommendations on changes that should be made to it to help it stand out among other profiles.

Player Profile – When players register for a Bronze Membership their profile is locked on our subscription-based site, meaning only subscribing teams can view the profile. Teams using our service to recruit players can leave any player a message and start a relationship.

Outbound Player Profile – This new primary profile is created for our Exposure Members on the front end of our site. This allows it to be searched freely on the internet. Each social media post has the profile link embedded into it so the viewer of the of the post can easily get to the players new primary profile. The profile also allows viewers to send the player messages directly to him.

Player Consultant – A Player Consultant is included in the Platinum Memberships. He or She is an expert on Junior and Collegiate hockey. Players and parents have many questions and their Consultant is there to answer all of these questions, provide feedback, advocate for the player at Junior Tryouts and provide player placement in some cases. There is an email Hotline to your Consultant as well.

Collegiate Scholarships – If the player aspires to play Collegiate hockey and has the skill to potentially receive an athletic scholarship or the grades to receive an academic scholarship, the Consultant will promote you by presenting you to schools on your list and ours to find a suitable arrangement. We work with many Consultants and they have a very strong background and the relationships needed to make good things happen.

Team Placement – Very few players will go directly from Midget hockey to a roster position on an NCAA or ACHA program. We deal with many teams to help them secure their roster. There are potential opportunities for players to be placed on Junior Teams if the desired skill and talent is apparent. Our Platinum Members will get the first shot at these placements. It’s important to note here that RPH doesn’t guarantee every player will be placed on a junior team. We present the players to teams but ultimately it is the coach or team representative that makes the final decision on his roster.

Social Media & Profile Analytics – Giving you proof that we’re doing what we said we would do is important to us. We’ll provide you with a quarterly Analytics Report that shows you, in an easy to read format, just how your player is being received by the market.

The analytic results can vary greatly between different players. There are differences between players and they are the variables we cannot control. These variables include such things as, skill, playing history, stats, video, physical size and who the viewer is of a particular post. The posts themselves are the same for each player. We refrain from adding any promotional type of wording or the use of adjectives that will sound like we are promoting one player over another. We are here to provide Exposure for the player first and foremost. The comments on each player’s post come directly from his Player Profile or from snippets from his references from coaches or teachers. We keep our posting times consistent for each player.