The competition for players is intense in today's game. Organizations select players based on who best helps their program.  The higher the frequency that recruiters / scouts see a player dramatically affects their selection chances.  This is usually the deciding factor when similar players are being considered.”

Doug Marshall - NHL Player Analyst



With a dynamic and customizable profile, players are able to market their hockey career from all angles.  Uploading game play footage and verified statistics allows a player to share accurate information about their hockey career with recruiting teams.  Male and Female Hockey players, for the first time, have the chance to highlight their skills on a global stage for Junior, Collegiate and Professional teams. Active Player Promotion starts with building a FREE Player Profile on Roster Point and achieving a 5 Star rating. Players are automatically exposed to Junior, Collegiate and Professional teams using RPH to recruit players, again for FREE. Players can give their profile a boost by using one of our Value Added Services.



  • Online Strategy - Using multiple Social Media Accounts of our own plus those of our affiliate accounts, we've assembled a targeted audience of over 170,000 followers that include key influencers from the hockey world.  Using Media Cards we create a campaign for the player much like a business would create a marketing campaign for an online strategy. In doing this a demand for more information on the player is cultivated among drafting / recruiting teams.
  • Media Cards - We have developed Media Cards that we use to put out on our social media channels to highlight players. Every player registering for a Player Profile gets a Welcome Card sent out. We highlight players with our Super Pick Card which offers more information from the Player Profile but not all of it. We dangle a carrot in front of teams that makes them want to see more data on the player, this creates demand for the player. We include a link to the player profile in our Profile Visibility Boost posts to get the team more data with the goal that the team will contact the player. In order to get a Super Pick Card the players profile must have a 4 to 5 Star Rating and we can help the player achieve this.
  • Video Cards - Just as the are called we use players highlight clips and attach them to the media card to create a more interactive post for our followers to view. The Video Card typically garnishes 50% or more views than a Super Pick alone.
  • Profile Visibility Boosts - Promoting your profile on our social media accounts and our affiliates accounts is not a free service. The player has a choice of different lengths of time and the number of posts he/she would like.
  • RPH Analytics - It's one thing to say what we're going to do and a complete other to show you what we're doing. RP Analytics Report will show the player and parent exactly how the Profile Visibility Boost was received by our followers. The player will see how many Views his profile is getting and what teams are looking at him with his Free Profile.
  • Weekly Player Showcase Newsletter - Our Newsletter is sent to almost every Junior and Collegiate team in North America which provides the player with the maximum exposure.
  • Professional Video - Video sells the player! If exposure is your goal, video is a must. Player Profiles are viewed by scouts and coaches 50X more than profiles without video. RPH will arrange video of the players game(s) or Combine.
  • Exposure Series Combines - Attending an Exposure Series Combine Event is the absolute best way to ensure you get the best Exposure from RPH.


Your Player Profile is your Hockey Resume. It could be the first thing a scout or team will see. Make the right impression.


With Profile Editor, you design your unique team profile, enabling you to attract highly-skilled players to your club.


The Player Profiles on are up-to-date with accurate information directly from the player and parent.


Our Instant Messaging lets you actively interact with players about camps, tryouts and team information.

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