After someone goes to University or College and graduates they typically create a resume. Their resume includes an Education Section to list where they went to school and what program they studied. They might also list all of the new skills that they’ve learned. The student will put this resume online on job boards or on services like Zip Recruiter or Indeed, that help match job seekers with potential employers. When a hockey player reaches the time to make a jump to the next level he’ll attend skill development camps and specialty clinics to help him gain new skills and become a better player. The one thing the student has that the player doesn’t is the Resume. Without the resume the player can’t post about or share any new skills he has acquired, on the internet or even send it to recruiting teams. The player will just have to wait for someone to find him among literally tens of thousands of players. There’s really no difference between the College Grad and Hockey Player, both have goals, both want to move up in career, both have spent thousands of dollars for their new skills. Which one of these two will reach their goals first do you think?

If you said the Student I would agree with you. Why then do so many players not have an online profile that they can manage like a resume? AAA players will have a profile with Elite Prospects but this profile is almost guaranteed to be wrong and the player can’t make changes to it. You can’t add video to it and teams don’t get to contact you from it. If you’re a AA or A player there is absolutely no data on you at all on the internet other than maybe your team site. Roster Point wants to see more AA and A players sign up as there are many teams that are requesting players at this caliber. Roster Point treats all of their players like they are applying for the career of their life time. We make players look professional and put them directly in front of recruiting teams at the next level. Like an HR Manager would go through resumes for a job posting, GM’s, Scouts and Coaches do the same thing with player profiles and if yours is wrong or doesn’t exist there’s a very high likelihood that you’ll get overlooked or missed completely.

Roster Point has over 400 teams using their site to recruit players. The database of teams is increasing rapidly. 90% of all of the players that create a Player Profile are contacted within a couple of weeks. Players get noticed on Roster Point all the time.

Roster Point can guarantee players get noticed. They offer what they call the Ultimate Exposure Package. There are 3 of these to choose from, a 4 Month Package, an 8 Month Package and a One-Year Package. These all include posting the Players Profile on their Social Media accounts multiple times depending on the package chosen. More coaches and scouts will see these posts than if the player attended over 30 Showcase events! Roster Point is followed by Junior Scouts, GM’s, Coaches and Owners along with College Coaches and Assistant Coaches as well as Minor and Prep School Teams. There is no better way to get a players name and profile into the hockey market than by using Roster Point’s Social Media Channels.

85% of players using our Ultimate Exposure Packages get drafted and / or signed as a result of RP’s Exposure. There isn’t an Advisor or Agent that can compare with these numbers. If you’re a parent you owe it to your son or daughter to get them an Exposure Package. They have worked hard to get where they are now. Let Roster Point help get them to the next level, you’ll be very glad you did.

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Your Player Profile is your Hockey Resume. It could be the first thing a scout or team will see. Make the right impression.


With Profile Editor, you design your unique team profile, enabling you to attract highly-skilled players to your club.


We recommend that all players using the site keep their profile up to date so teams can see accurate information of them at all times.


Our Messaging allows teams and players communicate directly without any middleman being involved.

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