How many junior elite hockey players and parents have asked this question?


…A lot!  So what’s the right answer? It depends on who you ask, when you ask and where you ask this question. If you asked older hockey players, the answer is usually something similar to this “keep working hard, listen to your coach, make good choices and if you’re good enough someone will find you.”  This is an excellent answer. However, there’s one piece missing here and that is “get as much exposure as you can”.

It’s not a new concept or anything like that. Parents and players have been playing in showcase tournaments and attending high level camps for a long time and they certainly provide good exposure for players. There are a few definitions of the word Exposure but its meaning in this case is:  “the condition of being presented to view or made known” “the condition of being presented”, this is powerful in the sense that an aspiring elite hockey player needs to be presented to the right people, they also need to be “made known”, this is exactly what we’re talking about, when we use the word exposure for aspiring players.

What’s the best way to make a player known?


Well, there are the showcase tournaments and high level camps but there are other ways too. One thing parents and junior hockey players should also do is get to testing events like college hockey combines. Good Combines have pro hockey scouts present to watch players as they do their testing both on and off ice.Good Combines also have a game component to them so not only the Scouts present at the event can watch but they are an excellent opportunity to video game footage, which is also in demand. A good Combine will touch on all the components that a player needs to build one of the most important aspects of getting noticed, the Players Online Presence. The online presence a player has is very important and if you think teams won’t be checking a players online activity, think again. The players online activity speaks volumes about who a player really is, what he says, follows, comments, shares and likes could be determining factors in his future hockey career.  Having a good online presence is crucial for a player these days, for both known players and unknown players. Both of these players need online exposure, maybe not to be found but to improve his rank. There is a very interesting fact about the #1 NHL Draft Choice and the amount of media coverage he received prior to selection, the #1 draft pick is always the player who had the most media attention. This is why a players online presence is so important, nothing or anyone can get a player attention faster than the internet. The more attention a player gets, the more people see him and the more people see him, more opportunities present themselves to him.

Roster Point Hockey can provide answers to these two exposure opportunities. We provide College Hockey Combine events for players, teams and associations and they have every component a player needs to be found. The testing is done by the best in the world, there are pro hockey scouts present, the player receives his test scores and they are uploaded to his Player Profile on RPH. The player receives his scouting report and it is uploaded to his RPH Player Profile. The player can have his game Video done and uploaded to his Profile and the player can purchase a Profile Visibility Boost that will dramatically increase his online presence in a positive way. If you’re a parent that wants to see your player, male or female get more positive exposure look at Our Combine schedule will be out the first week in January. Follow us on social media and sign up to receive our weekly Player Showcase Newsletter to see Top players who are getting the most out of our Profile Visibility Boosts.


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