In a digital age where there are no secrets, social media has quickly become the number one source for news and information for people all over the world. The thing that many hockey players do not realize is that this applies to coaches and scouts as well. In the old days, college and even junior league recruiting began with conversations with high school coaches. However, the emergence and skyrocketing popularity of social media domains like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow coaches and scouts to begin the recruiting process much earlier. This is essential for teams at the junior, college, and professional levels as it is essential in today’s hockey world to constantly adjust ahead of the ever-changing landscape.                                                                    

Now while most coaches try to keep their focus on the lineups and game plan in season, they are often active participants in scouting, player research, and player development during the offseason. A lot of time is spent on social media websites to scout and research young, up and coming players. Social media offers many different aspects of a player for coaches and scouts to evaluate including work ethic, character, personality, talent, skill, and awareness. It also opens another channel for contacting and recruiting as it opens a line of direct communicating between a coach and the prospect of interest.

Meanwhile, social media gives young hockey players another method of getting noticed and scouted. Players use these social media platforms to elevate their social profile with videos and photos of themselves during training sessions, on ice practice, casual skates, and real game action. From there, they begin to gain fans and garner interest from coaches, scouts, and other recruits. Social media also allows for unique interaction between the players and both their fans and recruiters in ways unimaginable just a decade or two ago. Before the only way to reach out and interact with fans was at the meet and greet events, through news and media outlets, and the rare “open to the public” event put on by the team.

Nowadays, domains like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow players to post or directly send messages to their fans and followers, teammates, and prospective future coaches and athletic programs. So what if we told you, Roster Point could get your player card, video and stats in front of the very decision makers that you have been trying to get in front of since Bantam? Well, this is accurate, and with our social media reach, your tape gets in front of some of the very teams that you have always dreamed of playing for. When it comes to a win-win, a Roster Point social media campaign is one of the best investments a young player can do for their hockey future.  

The hockey world is always changing and evolving both on and off the ice. With constant adaptation being essential for teams to be successful, it makes sense for this thought process to be applied to office decisions as well. Social media is firmly integrated into our everyday lives. So much so that it has carved out an important place in the hockey world as well. Thus, Roster Point has become the go-to place for social media campaigns that can make a difference in young players life. Sign up today, and see how Roster Point can make a difference for you next season!