You’re here right now because you want to know what we do and how we do it. Our website has had a lot of success with helping players find teams and teams find players. We’re a neutral platform designed for aspiring hockey players and recruiting teams to network on to find tangible opportunities. There is a need for a service like RPH so teams can find the hidden and often over looked skilled players left behind due to a variety of reasons. We use analytics and strong marketing techniques to locate players and present these players to teams that would never have known they existed. We locate teams for players that they would never have known existed. We bring them together and see more players finding opportunities and more teams finding the right players to recruit.


You’re a player with high aspirations of playing at the next level. There are a few definitions of the next level in hockey so we’ll define them for you. You’re the parent of a young super star and you want him to play elite spring hockey, you’re a minor hockey player looking to make a AAA team, you’re a minor hockey player in his draft year and you need to be exposed to the top level teams, you’re in your last year of minor hockey and you didn’t get drafted the first time around so you want to make sure teams know who you are, you’re an existing Junior player and want to make a Collegiate team or you’re an aging out Junior or Collegiate player and you’re looking for professional opportunities. Which ever one you are, you’re at the right place.
– Click I’m A Player
– Create a Password
– Verify your email
– Login
– Answer the Profile Builder Questions (15 Mins approx.)
– Verify your Stats
– Upload an Image
– Upload your Video
– Achieve a 5 Star Rating
– Your profile is live and already exposure to hundreds of teams that have signed up to find YOU!
– Choose one of our Exposure Services, Profile Visibility Boost, Ultimate Exposure Package or a Platinum Player Promotion P3
Finally get the most out of your Roster Point Hockey experience and Get drafted, Recruited or signed by the team that requires your skill set.


You’re a Team Coach, GM, Owner or representative and you’re looking to do one of many things. You’re looking to start your team from scratch, you’re re-building your existing team, you have a few holes to fill in your roster before the season starts, you have injuries and or suspensions and you’re short on players, you’re scouting players waiting for the right time to visit them or you’re looking at tomorrows next super stars. What ever position you’re in, you’ve come to the right place. RPH is the best most efficient recruiting tool that will reduce you’re overall recruiting costs while giving you the same if not better results that you get from your traditional scouting methods. You have two options with RPH.
1. Use our Subscription based site to search for, review video and message the players you’re most interested in.
a) Click I’m A Team on the front page of the site
b) Choose a password and verify your email
c) Choose your team (if not listed please Contact Us)
d) Pay the subscription Fee
e) Start searching for players from all over the world
2. Sign up for our Team Concierge Program which offers you all the benefits of hiring your own knowledgeable, world wide scout.
a) Go to the Teams Tab and click on Team Concierge Program
b) Fill out the form
c) An RPH Representative will contact you and get your team set up in our system
d) Have your initial consultation with your Rep, let him or her know what you’re looking for in
e) We do all the searching for you and send you the players you need.

Our services have evolved over a short period of time and they will continue to evolve until we can provide you with the absolute best recruiting experience possible.

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