August 6, 2018

To Whom It May Concern,

First, let me express that it is an honor to be asked to write this recommendation letter on behalf of Jake Parker.
How I got to know Jake….my relationship with Jake began during the 2017-2018 hockey season when my family and I made the decision to become a hockey billet family, our very first time, for the 95 Giants hockey club. Not having any previous interaction with Jake prior to his arrival and not much of a bio to go on we did not know what to expect from each other. Well, that first interaction proved to be nothing but joyful, heartwarming, and genuine.

With Jake being slightly younger than his billet brothers in the house (rest were U18s) and around the same age as our daughter Jake presented and showed immediate signs of maturity that was beyond your “typical” 15 year old. He handled himself and his schedule of school, hockey, and life with little to no direction from myself or my wife and when he met challenges he was not afraid to reach out and ask for advice or assistance in the matter. Jake’s passion for hockey, team and family were evident throughout the entire season and never wavered. As his billet dad I was fortunate to spend a lot of car time with him and got to see him play many games throughout the season. I could see Jake’s passion for the game and his work ethic. He always worked hard every shift of every game. Practice times were no different and he used that time to correct himself and improve where needed. Our car time focused on his self-assessment of his game and my guidance on what he needed to do to stay mentally strong especially when you are experiencing all that billeting has to offer for your first time ever! Jake took this advice and used it, continuing to mature and make strides. By the end of the season Jake had grown tremendously; physically, mentally, and passionately for the game he has grown up with and the effort he needs to put in, in order to continue on to the next level of play.

But in the end and no matter where the hockey path takes Jake he will always remain a compassionate person who takes pride in what he has accomplished, care for his teammates (whether on ice or away from), and his family no matter how that path is paved. He will forever hold a special place in the Rocheleau household and it is with pride and honor that I am glad to forever call him my billet son!

I am certain that Jake will be a great fit for any hockey club or billet family along this journey and I look forward to seeing him progress. If you have any further questions about Jake please do not hesitate to contact me.

Michel R. Rocheleau
Billet Dad 2017-2018 Season
Home: 401-941-01273
Cell: 401-225-4813


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