About the League

The United States Premier Hockey League (USPHL), which operates in 17 of the 50 United States, is the Nation’s largest amateur ice hockey league.  The ultimate goal of the USPHL is to prepare and develop players for college hockey (and beyond) through a tiered development program.  The league is comprised of 170 teams.  Players in the USPHL are 8 to 21 years of age.   Overall, the USPHL has had over 300 players advance to the collegiate level; even more advanced to other levels of the game.

Coaching Staff

Highly experienced coaching staff comprised of former Professional, OHL, NCAA DI and DIII players focusing on skill development and advancement.  Two coaches on the staff are currently NCAA and OHL scouts.




Team Information

How many players have your team or coaching staff (maybe with another team) advanced to the Next Level in Junior Hockey?

(2) NAHL (2) NCDC


How many players have your team or coaching staff (maybe with another team) advanced to NCAA College hockey?

44 Players: (2) NCAA II (2) NCAA III (40) ACHA


Does your program attend college showcases during the regular season play?

Yes. We attend 5 USPHL showcase, the most highly scouted showcases on the east coast.


What is the billeting situations like?

Players are boarded with billet families. Billet families will complete a background check, home inspection and interview by our Billet Coordinator before being approved.


How many days per week does your team practice?

Junior Team: 4 practices a week. 

15U, 16U & 18U Team: 3 practice a week.


Does your program have hockey specific strength and conditioning training? If so how many days per week?

Junior Team: 3 times a week. 

15U, 16U & 18U Team: 2 times a week


Does your program have video evaluations?

Yes. Weekly game film is broken down and reviewed with the team by the coaching staff. Player evaluations are conducted at the beginning of the season, middle of the season and end of the season to track player development.


What are your playing fees, and do you provide any scholarship type of programs to reduce the cost for players?

Junior Team: $9,450 15U, 16U & 18U Team: $7,450 Team fees for players who do not attend our spring/summer program will be pro-rated.



15U Program

Program is designed to develop and prepare younger 16U players for higher levels of Midget and/or Junior hockey. This will be accomplished through our experienced coaching staff with extensive on and off the ice training. Our 15U players will gain exposure to scouts at the Collegiate and Prep school levels through USPHL and other highly scouted showcases.

16U and 18U Program

Programs are designed to enhance and further develop its skilled players looking to advance to the Premier team, higher levels of Junior hockey or playing at the NCAA Collegiate level. Our 16U and 18U players will gain exposure to NCAA scouts through the USPHL showcases. The USPHL showcases are the most highly scouted showcases on the East Coast.

Premier Junior Program

Program is designed to focus on developing our players to advance to the NCDC Division and NCAA Collegiate hockey. Our Premier players will gain exposure to NCAA scouts and NCDC affiliate teams through the USPHL Showcases.

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