When Roster Point Hockey began in 2016, our goal was to break down logistical, financial and political barriers that were restricting players from advancing their careers. To stop the number of players that are leaving the game because there seemed to be no options for them to continue playing at a high level of play, just because they were over looked or not scouted at all. To give players a platform to promote themselves to higher level playing opportunities that they didn’t know existed or the opportunities didn’t know that these players existed. To bring players and teams together to find tangible playing opportunities by exposing players to and extraordinary number of teams in the entire hockey world.

Today we are being asked to do the same thing for Junior and Collegiate Teams. These teams are coming to us and asking if we could give them the same amount of exposure to the entire player population in North America and Europe “We need to find players that we haven’t seen before, players that have been over looked and players that aren’t listed anywhere. These Teams represent Tier 2 Junior A, Jr B, Jr C, Tier I, II, III and Colleges from D1 to ACHA D3. You will find some teams in this section looking for full squads and some needing only a few key pieces for their roster. Each team is different but the same in the sense that they all need you!

This wealth of opportunity is being offered to our Roster Point Hockey Members only. Only members can apply to any of these positions. As an RPH Member you have the benefit of skipping the line so to speak. No other players are given this opportunity. You’re not just a jersey number in a tryout. Your profile is being reviewed directly by the GM, Owner and Coach of these teams. If you apply and get through our screening process your profile will make it to the desk of the decision maker who will call you and discuss your opportunity to play on their Junior Squad. There are no better ways to get noticed by a team then to be a Roster Point Member.

The process is very easy. Take a tour of the next few pages and you will find a number of teams that are looking for players right now, you can read additional info about the team and then Apply for the one(s) you’d like. You will have to create a RPH Player Profile to be presented to the teams, but this is something you should do no matter what. We have a 90% rate of success placing players, you can’t afford not to be working with Roster Point Hockey if you aspire to play junior at any level from the CHL to the Independent level. We’ve had over 100 players get drafted to the CHL and USHL from our site so you know we’re doing something right.

Roster Point Hockey is the way of the future, teams will eventually start using social and other types of media to scout and recruit players. RPH is ahead of the curve. Have a look at the teams using us to find them players. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube to see the players we’re Exposing to the entire hockey world, and to find out about RPH Promos. Players using our Exposure Memberships are being seen by more scouts and coaches than they would be if they attended 25 or more showcase events. At the average cost of a showcase being $200, you would spend upwards of $5,000 to get the same exposure that RPH can give a player with just one social media post.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!