At Roster Point we encourage both Players and Teams to build their own profiles and customize the look of them. The Profiles have the ability to change the background image, the player photo or team logo image, and coaches can have their photo alongside the team image. This will literally put a face to the name, and make conversations a little easier on both ends.

The Team Profile can be edited by using the Account Settings and choosing to Edit Profile. Once there the team history can be added which can include information on the coach of the team, what year the franchise was established and Roster Point Member data. The team’s arena location is part of the profile so when searching for players they can quickly determine how far away the player is from their arena.

The Player Profile can be customized by using the Account Settings button. Change your Bio, add to your Future Goals.. A good clean Player Profile will go a long ways in ensuring you will get to the next level. Don’t forget your Video Footage, contact us or check out our video services tab if you don’t have any.


Roster Point is the only software of it’s kind to offer players and teams the opportunity to not only get noticed but also communicate in as close to real time as you can get. Set up tryouts, discuss other pertinent information, become comfortable with the team or player before making any decisions. All of our messaging is secure, and will ensure that a team and player are on the same page no matter the level of play.


Roster Point has a custom proprietary algorithm built in to allow teams to use our Player Request Feature. The Player Request or PR allows a team to be extremely specific about what they are looking for in a player, from height, weight, left or right shot, position and even how long at the position. Matches are found and both the player and the team receive a Notification of the matches made by Roster Point. It is like Tinder but for hockey!


Our matching technology is one of our prides and joys, but will allow for clean matches for players and coaches. We do not want to waste time, we want to ensure you get the best possible results from our program. Let Roster Point be the reason you are winning a championship next year and all because we got you to the right team, or the right player to your roster.


Our five-star rating system will allow for coaches and GM’s to see the completeness of a profile. See our Five-Star section for more information!


Both players and teams can see exactly who has viewed their profile and when, and are given a notification when that happens. Thus, if you’re waiting for that special team or player to check your profile out, you’ll be made aware of each view every time it happens. If your profile is turned to Hidden Mode no one will receive any notifications of you viewing the other’s profiles, it’s like searching in Stealth Mode.

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Your Player Profile is your Hockey Resume. It could be the first thing a scout or team will see. Make the right impression.


With Profile Editor, you design your unique team profile, enabling you to attract highly-skilled players to your club.


The Player Profiles on Rosterpointhockey.com are up-to-date with accurate information directly from the player and parent.


Our Instant Messaging lets you actively interact with players about camps, tryouts and team information.

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