The Roster Point Team Profile is a 100% FREE profile for just about any team interested in finding quality talent. You are able to view over 2500 active player profiles, message the players and recruit as many as you can for absolutely zero cost to the team. The only thing we ask is that you follow us on Social Media. Seem to good to be true? Well believe it because it’s true! The other reason we want you to follow us on Social Media is because we post a lot about up and coming players that may have been overlooked by other teams or been the victims of politics. Find the benefits of having a Team Profile below and click Team Sign Up today to get started.

Build & Customize

Teams build their own profiles and customize the look of them. The Profiles have the ability to change the background image, the player photo or team logo image, and coaches can have their photo alongside the team image. This will literally put a face to the name, and make conversations a little easier on both ends.

The Team Profile can be edited by using the Account Settings and choosing to Edit Profile. From there the team history can be added. The most important information a team can put in their profile is their contact info along with the coach and administrators names. When a player searches and finds your team they’ll want to reach out to you and if your info is missing you could be passing up on a very good player.

Searching for Players

We have included 10 different filters for teams to use when they’re searching for players. This makes it easier to narrow down the searches so you can focus on the type of player you’re looking for.


Roster Point is the only software of it’s kind to offer players and teams the opportunity to not only get noticed but also communicate in as close to real time as you can get. Set up tryouts, discuss other pertinent information, become comfortable with the team or player before making any decisions. All of our messaging is secure, and will ensure that a team and player are on the same page no matter the level of play.

Player Requests

Roster Point has a custom proprietary algorithm built in to allow teams to use our Player Request Feature. The Player Request allows a team to be extremely specific about what they are looking for in a player, from height, weight, left or right shot, position and even how long at the position. Matches are found and both the player and the team receive a Notification of the matches made by Roster Point. It is like Tinder but for hockey!

Matching Technology

Our Matching Technology is a one of a kind Algorithm built for Roster Point. It is designed to work with our Player Request feature and will notify you when matches are made to your player request.

Five-Star Rating

Our Five-Star rating system allows teams and scouts to see how dedicated a player is. A Player will have a Five-Star profile if his profile is 100% complete. This is an excellent way to weed out the no so dedicated players.


You’ll receive a notification in your email when a player visits your Team Profile. This is especially helpful when you’re recruiting because players are looking for you as well. You Team Views are kept in your messaging portal so you can back and see who viewed your profile and when.

Player Showcase E-Magazine

As a member of Roster Point you’ll receive our monthly edition of our Player Showcase E-Magazine. This magazine highlights players using our Ultimate Exposure Packages. There are features done on players and interesting articles and ads for hockey services and products. We allow teams to advertise their clubs in the magazine as well which puts the team in front of 15,000+ players and families. Highlight your Commitments, your teams strengths and why players should want to play for your club. See Rates

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Your Player Profile is your Hockey Resume. It could be the first thing a scout or team will see. Make the right impression.


With Profile Editor, you design your unique team profile, enabling you to attract highly-skilled players to your club.


We recommend that all players using the site keep their profile up to date so teams can see accurate information of them at all times.


Our Messaging allows teams and players communicate directly without any middleman being involved.

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