Roster Point Hockey is entering the social media realm of the online world. Our first platform was built with the purpose of bridging the gap between skilled players who were being over looked and high level teams that were struggling to find skilled players. The platform was never exactly what we wanted it to be. Don’t get us wrong, it works just fine, but there were some mistakes made which made the registration process not as user friendly as we would have liked. Now that we had a couple of years under our belt and heard from many clients, we decided it was time to rebuild. We’ve been introduced to technology that was never suggested to us in the past and now that we have an experienced development team and resources, we are very close to launching the next generation of Roster Point.

The new platform will see players and team spending more time using the new features that will help them either get more exposure to the Junior, Collegiate and Professional Market or find the diamonds in the rough that are truly abundant out there. It is said that each year there are players that are overlooked or simply not scouted. Roster Point maintains that number is in the thousands. We’ve proven that our methods of promoting /exposing players is effective. We’ve had over 120 promoted players drafted from the site and most recently two of our promoted players were drafted in the 2018 NHL Draft. One of them, Cameron Hillis, drafted by the Montreal Canadiens in the 3rd round, 66th overall, praised Roster Point for our involvement in putting him on the map, as he said in an interview with Alan Mitchel on the Lowdown with Lowtide morning show on TSN Radio in Edmonton AB.

Here’s a sneak peek at just some of the new features coming in early August.

Social Messaging
Players and Teams can message one another just like the can now, but Players and Players will now have the ability to openly or privately communicate with each other just like on other social media sites.

Teams or Players can start their own Forums and / or join other ones already started. Players could ask Coaches questions about scouting or recruiting or what they look for in a new prospect.

Get involved in developing content for Roster Point, share your game or highlight videos with multiple people at the same time.

Player Status
Now Teams will know when a player is a Free Agent or if he or she has signed with a team. In the past it was difficult to find out, therefore valuable time could be wasted. Not now, players will mark their Status appropriately.

Team Search
Players will finally have the ability to search for teams they are interested in playing for and showing their interest to the team. Teams MUST now have a good looking profile to entice players to want to play for them.

Unlimited Video
The debate is still going on about whether or not player video is helpful for a team or not. We tell our players what kind of video to upload and it’s not the flashy Goals, Big Hits or No look passes that we suggest. Players are encouraged to upload full game film. Now they can upload as much as they wish.

New Memberships
Up until now players have been free to add their player profile to Roster Point. With the number of teams growing that use our site to recruit players we need to have a small fee to have access to this exposure. When the New Platform is launched so will our New Memberships. (see below)

That’s all we can tell you for now, stay turned for more updates as we get closer to the launch #mysocialRP. The official date will be announced very soon. If you are an aspiring hockey player or a recruiting team I urge you to take advantage of the FREE player profiles or our amazingly cheap online subscriptions now while you still can. All memberships are valid for one year.

Thank you,
Bryan Brant
Founder / CEO
Roster Point

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