The world of minor hockey has long been dominated in the back corners of hockey rinks, and smoke filled bars where grown men decide what kids get to join their elite group. Think we are kidding? The junior hockey realm has been one that has been ridiculed for its old boy’s club mentality, and for many parents of young stars, they get drawn into this club. Family advisors have been seen across the country, but are they worth the cost and headache? In this article, we are going to look at the issues around a family advisor and how Roster Point can help fill the void at a fraction of the price.

Family Advisor- The traditional approach

A family advisor is a term that has been made up by the hockey community to have an underage agent represent your son or daughter as they move into junior or pro hockey. These family advisors claim to know all of the right people and will get your child’s film to the front of the line, no matter the team. However, this position is not without its downsides, and here are three of them. For starters, some great family advisors will help, but there is also a considerable amount of these advisors that fail to deliver even a single promise. Plus, although these advisors can get things done, they also can cost you and your family a vast amount of money to retain their services. Finally, family advisors cannot influence change, but rather, they can only get your film in front of people. That seems to be a bit of a steep price for something that Roster Point can do for a fraction of the cost and time.

Roster Point- The better and cheaper option

Roster Point is an option for players that are looking to get the most out of their time in minor hockey. No matter if you are a role player, or someone who can make a difference, Roster Point will empower you to get to the next level. Roster Point can do deliver what a family advisor can promise but at a fraction of the cost. Our player profile model allows for players to create and maintain a profile and empower them to promote their profile and game tape with the Roster Point Unlimited Exposure Package.  As well, Roster Point allows for teams to simply find you via our search function, which will enable teams to search via age, location, position and team. Roster Point wants to make things easier for teams and players to meet, and with our platform, you can skip the awkward family advisor meetings, and chat with the teams you want to play for. So what are you waiting for?

Now is the time to see why all the buzz is about Roster Point. Our database is growing, and with year over year growth with both teams and players, your dream team is out there. Sign up today, and see where you could be playing next year!