Pay to Play is here to stay!

Long gone are the days of minor hockey being a simple stepping stone to junior hockey. Instead, we have rep teams during the Spring leagues, high costs for trainers and power skating, and for many, it comes down to the more money you put into your hockey career, the better chance you have to make the next level. So what can you do?

The Numbers

Getting to the next level the traditional way is not cheap. Consider this, an average Midget AAA player in Ontario can expect to pay between $4500 and $5000 per season. This might seem ridiculous, but these numbers are based on a study by The Spec, who took an aggregate survey around Ontario to average costs that players and goalies would expect to pay for the upcoming season. This number covers registration fees, insurance, uniform, any extras including tracksuits, and tournament costs. When you consider the extra that an average player will pay, which include equipment, gas, hotels, food, lost time at work and power skating or shooting classes, and that number can raise up to $15,000. Now add in the common showcase options for elite players which include multiple showcase games, workouts and travel teams, and a top-level Midget prospect could be spending upwards of $20,000. That is a lot of money for a working class family to afford, and luckily there are some other options out there to ensure you are seen by the right decision makers at a fraction of the overall cost of being a Midget AAA player.

The Roster Point Difference

Roster Point is a tool that smart hockey players have realized that they can leverage to get their film and their profile in front of some of the most significant decision makers in junior hockey. Roster Point is one of the few recruiting platforms that allows for a team to see and chat with a player. We have revolutionized the recruiting metrics, and with the Ultimate Exposure Package, Roster Point might be the best deal for elite and mid-level prospects on the market today. So what can we offer?

Why Roster Point

Roster Point has showcased its ability to put players to the next level, and we are not just saying that. From the elite level prospects to role players, our ability to match hockey players to junior teams is unmatched. So how we do we do it? Roster Point promotes our player’s profiles through social media and email marketing which reaches hundreds of teams across the country. This includes 48 posts about the player, and the package ensures a player can send up to 25 updates to us during the season. We showcase the elite prospects at showcase games where some of the best teams in the country attend to take a look at the best of the best. Finally, Roster Point gives players across the country a platform to showcase their skills and game tape for a low monthly cost.

Now is the time to take a look at Roster Point and take advantage of our great offers to minor hockey players across the country. Instead of investing another couple of thousand dollars, why not look to Roster Point and see where you can play next year.