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The following Roster Point additional services will enhance any players promotional needs. Please contact us for information on any of the following services.


Junior teams and NCAA teams have approached us and asked that we start recording combine scores for players starting at the Peewee Level and up to Midget. These events will be executed by XCEL Sport Testing and each player’s results will be uploaded to their RP Player Profile. Attending one combine however is not enough, the first combine is used to set baseline scores and are used to show a player’s improvement over time.
Testing begins in August of 2017 and will be run in every major city across Ontario. Player’s can book from their Combine Scores tab on their Player Profile or by visiting
$150.00 / Player


One of our largest services that we offer players is the opportunity to have professional highlight reels on their profiles. Teams demand to see quality video footage of players and teams notice when a player does not have video. Since our first player signed up on RP, teams will notice your profile 80% faster if you have high quality video compared to players without video. RP will send our professional videographers to any player’s game and take the video, then we edit it and produce it before adding it to the player profile for them. Additional copies are available for purchase. 2 Packages available,
PV1 $899.99. A Roster Point videographer will record, edit and place the video on the RP profile.
PV2 $399.99. This is when a player sends us their video to be edited and produced by our team of experts.


Scouting Reports done by CHL and NHL scouts are available to players. The Scouting report is the secondary offering to anyone taking advantage of the Video Services. SR $175.00

IGA’s (In Game Analysis)

IGA’s go hand and hand with a CVS Ranking. For players that produce a CVS Ranking the IGA service is offered which is guaranteed to bring the level up of the players game as well as his overall CVS score. There’s a direct correlation between a player’s ranking and his hockey draft position so the higher the CVS score the better the draft position the player will get drafted at. IGA $999.99


The 2018 Spring Player Showcase will be announced soon.


Roster Point and CVS with put together one of the most competitive Spring Travel Teams programs and travel 2 to 3 different high level tournaments to help with player exposure and create a fun, team centric atmosphere. CVS Identified and other highly skilled players will be contacted and invited to play for our high octane program. RPST $499.99 / Player

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Your Player Profile is your Hockey Resume. It could be the first thing a scout or team will see. Make the right impression.


With Profile Editor, you design your unique team profile, enabling you to attract highly-skilled players to your club.


The Player Profiles on are up-to-date with accurate information directly from the player and parent.


Our Instant Messaging lets you actively interact with players about camps, tryouts and team information.

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