Written by: Scott Nordlund

Hockey might be life, but school is your future, can you do both? It is a question that is asked by moms, dads and players alike, and here at Roster Point, we have answered it more than a few times to players on our site. The answer is yes, and thousands of kids do it every year across the country. So how do they do it? Well naturally, the team at Roster Point has the answers and here are some of the best tips on how to balance junior hockey and to go to school.

All about time management

Time management is more than just a buzzword; it is a way of life when you are playing junior hockey and going to school. You will need to be able to turn on the academic side of the brain when you have the time and be ready to play when at the rink. When it comes to time management, you need to focus on scheduling and blocking off regular times for your schooling. You will be missing some classes, so be prepared to have to do work on the bus, or in the hotel, but no matter where you are… you need to do the work!

Get comfortable doing work anywhere

The issue with junior hockey is that it takes you across the country, and as a young student that can be tough. There is no more consistent study time, or area, so players must adapt to studying or doing homework on the bus, the hotel or even the rink if you have to. Your teachers will give you work to do while you are away, and no matter if you are in the western league, or junior B, studies are often a tough assignment to fit in. Make it part of your schedule, and you will get through the worst parts worry free.

Talk to your teachers

Your teachers are going to be your best friends, and for a good reason, you have to chat with them about hand-in dates and tests weeks in advance. If you are not lucky enough to be in a high-performance program at your high school, you will need to make this priority come every new semester. Set a time after school or during one of the breaks to sit down and chat with the teacher to ensure they are aware of your schedule and how to best work around missed classes and assignments that are due while on the road. These people are going to work with you as long as you put in some effort, so if you would take the time and learn from others mistakes, it would be well advised to give it a go.

Hockey and school go hand in hand in the junior ranks, and it all comes down to balance. Make sure to make time management a focus, get comfortable doing work anywhere and of course talk to your teachers. It is not rocket science, but too many of our young recruits forget that school is first, junior hockey is second!