The PV2 Video Option is very affordable and will ensure your player has video on his profile. This option is highly recommended over filming and editing yourself, unless you are a seasoned profession.



Video plays an essential role in your future plans as a hockey player. Profiles with Video are looked at 80% more often than profiles without video. We offer players and parents three options for Video, the first is upload your own video by adding your video to your YouTube Channel and copying the link to RPH, this is tricky because of the quality of the video, you must know how to take proper video to be able to do this.
The next option is the PV2. We will give you detailed instructions on how to take the video, you then upload it to our server and we take it from there. We produce the best 3 videos we can from your filming. This is quick and easy and anyone can do it. The quality of your video is just as important as having video on your profile.