A Brief History

Roster Point Hockey started as a vision of what hockey recruiting could be in February 2016. As of July 1st 2016, our brand went live with an interactive beta, and the official launch of Roster Point was a few months later on November 21st, 2016. The Founder of RPH is Bryan Brant (Me), and I currently reside in Oshawa, Ontario. Having been involved in hockey as a player since the age of 4, I played in the small town of Prescott, ON up to Midget. My size restricted me from being drafted however I had the opportunity to play at the the Jr. B and Collegiate level hockey in Brockville, ON. My passion is hockey and helping young players reach their goals even if they were passed over, for whatever reason. With three sons, and all three being much bigger than I was, I often think about what my chances would have been if I were only a bit bigger. The fact is those days are gone, but I can help other players now over come barriers that are restricting them from advancing their careers with Roster Point Hockey.

Our Vision

Roster Point Hockey was designed to break down the logistical barriers that are preventing aspiring hockey players from advancing their hockey careers. Players from all over the world will see opportunities they have never known existed. Until now players & parents have relied on agents or advisors to help them get drafted or to find a suitable team to play for.  With a Roster Point Player Profile the player and parent will see opportunities from all over North America come their way and they can explore the ones they wish. We’re putting more control with the player & parent.
Our goal is to take the “who you know” out of the sport and make it about the players skills and abilities. Hockey without politics will strengthen the game and ensure the right players are getting the chances they deserve.


Roster Point Hockey doesn’t charge players to add a profile to our site, however we do offer the following value added services that will dramatically increase the players chances of being drafted, signed or recruited to a Junior or Collegiate Program!



    If you want to be signed by a Junior Team you need Video, if you want to achieve a 5 Star Rating on your profile, you need Video. The best teams out there need to see your video. We understand that not all players have video however. We have hired a special company that only does player recruitment videos. Keep in mind that to get the right kind of Video you need an expert. Video isn’t cheap! You’ll pay over a thousand dollars for a recruitment video from some places. RPH gives you two choices, $199.00 – You send us a complete game video and we’ll edit it and upload it to your profile. $599.99 – We send a professional Videographer to one of your games and video the entire game, edit it and upload it to your profile. Either way, you really need video on your profile.


      The more a player is seen the more opportunities will come his way. This isn’t BS, it’s the truth, why do Real Estate Agents have their pictures on park benches? So people will see them a lot and they’ll get calls because of this. The more we post your profile on our social media the more teams will want to see more of you. Our Profile Visibility Boosts work and you’ll see the proof just by the number of views your profile gets on our system.



      Just like our Profile Visibility Boosts get you more attention the Player Showcase Newsletter is sent to almost every junior and collegiate coach in North America. We mean business when we say we’ll get you noticed and we use every medium available to do it. You will have teams viewing your profile constantly if you’re featured in one of our Player Showcase Newsletters.



      Having access to your own scouting report is critical if you want to better your game. Whether you’re 10 miles from us or 1000 miles from us we can get you a report. You will need Video on your profile to a report in most cases. We’ll provide you with an honest unbiased scouting report. It’s up to you to share the report with teams that have contacted you.



      RPH has built a lot of solid relationships with teams from across North America. It’s these relationships that allow us to help you get signed by one of the teams we have a good relationship with.



      We can assist any team with getting a roster together. We have have players ready, willing and capable of playing Junior Hockey right now. For a fee we can assist your team in signing as many players as you need today. Please contact us for additional details on this program.


With site wide features like Messaging, Notifications, Player Search Filters and Player/Team Matching our site is the most feature rich and cost effective Player Acquisition and Player Advancement site of it’s kind. No other site allows players and teams to communicate better than ours. The access to players video, up to date stats and physical data plus bio makes us the most accurate site for player recruitment there is. Creating a Player Request is simple and allows you to set it an forget it, while players who match what you’re looking for are presented to you instantly and as new players sign up.

Teams create dynamic custom profiles and includes their player needs, what a player can expect from playing on their squad, team history, coach info and other data. They can search for players using a number of search filters and submit an unlimited number of Player Requests to find potential prospects.
Players create a dynamic custom profile that serves as their online resume and includes a Bio, Physical Data, Stats, Playing History, Video, Combine Data and Scouting Report (Coming soon).

The RPH technology brings players and teams together on a neutral platform to network with one another in hopes to find tangible opportunities.

In The Community

RPH works in partnership Durham College in Oshawa, ON. We’ve had students as interns from the Sports Management and Advertising and Marketing Program. We also work closely with their IT department on new software development for our site. We were awarded a Grant from the College and the Province of Ontario to have our site upgraded and this will start in January 2018. Our goal is to hire some full time people from the Internship program and the IT program.

RPH also works very closely with the Spark Innovation Centre also located in Oshawa, ON. The Spark Centre provides Marketing, Accounting, IT, Sales and other business services to high potential start-ups in the Durham Region. We work closely with the CEO of the Sparks Centre, Sherry Colborne and our experience has been amazing since we started working with them.

I’m involved in the local community as a volunteer hockey coach in the local Church Hockey League and often get involved in local charities and events. I have founded a new Foundation that he’s started called Asen A Nwara Athletic Foundation, the name is Three Turtles Athletic Foundation. This Foundation was started to help Aboriginal Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer and Basketball players find elite opportunities so they can play at the highest level they possibly can. The Foundation would have a training and development component, the Roster Point Player Advancement Technology and a Funding Component that would assist the athlete financially to follow his or her dreams of playing the sport of their dreams.

Contact Info

For additional information on Roster Point Hockey, please contact us at

(905) 424-5869

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Your Player Profile is your Hockey Resume. It could be the first thing a scout or team will see. Make the right impression.


With Profile Editor, you design your unique team profile, enabling you to attract highly-skilled players to your club.


The Player Profiles on RosterPoint.com are up-to-date with accurate information directly from the player and parent.


Our Instant Messaging lets you actively interact with players about camps, tryouts and team information.

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