RPH Scouts

Roster Point Hockey has made a decision to change the way we are bringing RPH to the market. Yes, we’ll still use social media and email blast but we’re also employing some old school methods in there as well.  Our owner Bryan Brant spend over 25 years in B2B sales and he knows how important it is for people to still deal with people.

Our services are all online and can be accessed from any device. Players can register online and teams can request a sales person online. It’s simple and efficient and still gives our players and teams that personal touch that we believe is still important even in today’s digital world., We’re not selling pieces of equipment or parts that don’t require any human interaction, but our services still require a personal touch.

Our Scouts will be at tournaments, in the arenas, at social events, at the schools, just about anywhere there is hockey, there will be an RPH Scout to answer all of your questions and to listen to your thoughts.

Please help me welcome the first RPH Scouts to hit the road…