The Social Media Policy will encompass the use of such internet mediums and websites as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus+, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, Flickr, Vine, YouTube and any other social media network that allows users to communicate online.

This policy has been drafted from the Roster Point Hockey Social Media and Networking Policy
which encompasses all partners of RPH, including contractors.

This policy will be applicable to all hockey players including goalies using RPH’s exposure services to help the player get more exposure to the Hockey World.

Roster Point Hockey strongly values the use of social media to increase the amount of exposure an aspiring hockey player can receive. Drafting and Recruiting Teams from levels higher than the player is currently playing will see posts about players and their profile and contact the player directly. Roster Point Hockey also respects the right of all players to express their views publicly. However, at the same time players should all be aware of the dangers social media and social networking can present to their career. Junior Hockey Teams and NCAA schools often review players Social Media accounts to determine a player’s moral fiber. The NCAA holds players to a high standard of professionalism, personality, leadership, integrity, and community respect when making decisions on scholarship candidates.

The purpose of this policy is to educate players and parents using our Exposure Memberships on the risks of social media and to ensure all players and parents are aware that conduct deemed to be inappropriate may be subject to the cancellation of their Exposure Membership by Roster Point Hockey.


a) Roster Point Hockey holds all players and parents who participate in any of our Memberships that include
social media and networking to the same standards as it does for all other forms of media including
radio, television and print.

b) Comments or remarks of an inappropriate nature which are detrimental to any Hockey Team, Hockey
Association, Team Owner, General Manager, Scout, Hockey Coach, Assistant Coach, Trainer, Player or
Teammates and/or any individual will not be tolerated and may be subject to the cancellation of the
Exposure Membership.

c) It should be recognized that social media comments are on the record forever when published and
available to the public and media. Everyone including Area Roster Point Hockey personnel, corporate
partners, sponsors, teams, clients and players and the media can review social media communications.
You should conduct yourself in an appropriate and professional manner at all times.

d) Use your best judgment at all times – pause before posting. Ultimately, you are solely responsible
for your comments and they are published for the public record. You can NOT delete anything once it
is published, it is on the internet forever!

e) If requested to participate in an online network, as a way to improve your exposure Roster Point
Hockey recommends that you contact your Consultant first, if you do not have a consultant please Contact


The following are examples of conduct through social media and networking mediums that are considered violations of Roster Point Hockey’s Social Media Policy and may be subject to cancellation of the Exposure Membership by Roster Point Hockey.

a) Posting any statement deemed to be publicly critical of a member of any hockey team, hockey
association, Referee, Coach ect.

b) Posting negative or derogatory comments towards any hockey teams or hockey associations, Referee, Coach

c) Any form of bullying, harassment or threats against anyone.

d) Posting photographs, video or comments promoting negative influences or criminal behavior, including
but not limited to:

• Drug Use
• Alcohol Abuse
• Public Intoxication
• Hazing
• Sexual Exploitation etc.

e) Online activity that contradicts the current policies of Roster Point Hockey and it’s partners

f) Inappropriate, derogatory, racist, or sexist comments of any kind, in keeping with the Roster Point
Hockey’s policy on these matters

g) Online activity that is meant to alarm other individuals or to misrepresent fact or truth.


Roster Point Hockey will follow the players social media accounts to ensure there are no violation(s) of this policy what so ever. If an investigation determines that a violation has occurred, Roster Point Hockey will cancel the exposure program immediately without any refund to the player or parent. This is a zero-tolerance policy and it must be to maintain Roster Point Hockey’s excellent record for not violating any of its own rules and procedures. We adhere to a high standard of social media etiquette and we want every player who hires us to provide them with an exceptional level of exposure to get the best social media can offer an aspiring hockey player.


When using social media and networking mediums, Roster Point Hockey assume at all times they are representing only the best players. All members of a player’s family should remember to use the same discretion with social media and networking as the player. Should the identity or image of any player that is sent to Roster Point Hockey, not be the intended player, this is considered to be identity theft. Any use of a player image produced by a photography company, and is sent to Roster Point Hockey, it will be assumed the sender has the proper written consent by the original photographer. If consent hasn’t been granted by the original photographer and Roster Point Hockey uses said image, it is the sole responsibility of the person who sent the image to Roster Point Hockey to make proper compensation or any written apology directly to the photographer. Roster Point Hockey will be held responsible for any such prohibited act.