In March 2018 we launched our Team Concierge Membership for Junior and Collegiate Teams. The Membership IS designed to offer an exception recruitment experience for teams that would see our Consultants do most of the recruiting work for the team.

We designed special Email and Social Media Campaigns that we would attract players to the membered teams playing opportunities. Our multi-level campaigns use team marketing coupled with our exclusive marketing service to develop strong results orientated emails and social media posts. We use a strategic email system along with a seasoned Social Media Expert to ensure the right players are targeted.

How It Works

• Teams pay an upfront Retainer Fee to cover the administration and set up of the program.
• The team and RPH sign a contract that lays out the all of the moving parts of the program and the legal aspects.
• A Check List is sent to the team to help them put all their marketing information together to send to our Marketing Team.
• If the team is already using our Do It Yourself DYI online service, that account will be closed to make sure there are no confusing messages being sent to different players.
• One of our Experienced Consultants has a meeting with the team representative to review the some of the following, what’s it like to play for the team, the positions that need filling, the skill level required, team fees, billeting info, team history of moving players to higher levels or College ect.
• Once the meeting has taken place and our Marketing Team has all the information from the team, we start to build the first round of communication to be released. The team is still very much involved in this process and they proof our material to ensure nothing false is being claimed and the data is correct and factual.
• We then execute the our proprietary system
• Once we have drilled down to a good number of pre-qualified candidates we produce and present the list of players to the team.
• The final call to the players on the list is made by the team so they can do their final qualification and sale to the player and parents.

Roster Point Hockey invoice the team for every player that signs with the club. The payment is due immediately after the player signs his contract with the team. Depending on the country the team is in the payment may be in USD or CDN.

Acquisition and Promotion Incentive

Once a Team becomes a Concierge Member they can opt in for the Acquisition and Promotion Incentive Program. This is an incentive to use RPH as the teams Player Promotion Partner. Our Exposure Memberships will help the team move more players to higher levels of play or to Collegiate Opportunities. This is a win win win opportunity as the team moves more players on, making them more attractive to future players, the player himself gets additional exposure on top of what the team is already providing and RPH will see more Exposure business.

If the team promotes RPH Exposure Memberships to any players that aren’t already RPH members RPH will pay the team a rebate at the end of the season based on the total amount spent by players from the team. The Acquisition and Promotion Incentive Program is NOT mandatory nor is it a prerequisite for the Concierge Membership.