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CVS Analytics Testimonial

I have known and worked with Doug Marshall for 2 years now. My position was an assistant coach with the Peterborough Petes during that time. I have since been hired as an Associate coach with the Guelph Storm.

As a coach it’s interesting to watch Doug predict year after year who finishes where in the standings based on his analysis of coaches and player personnel and drafting. Style of player and style of play noted.

On the ice Doug has developed many strategies to increase your percentages of success as a coach in areas ranging from face off alignments to line combinations based on handedness and style of play.

Scoring percentages can also be maximized by creating the type of scoring chances Doug has proven statistically to be the most effective.

Defensively, Doug has a statistic to rate how strong players are in the defensive zone and defensive tactics to defend against the most effective ways to generate offence statistically.

Clearing pucks and accounting for zone time on the PK as well as placing the right player in the right position to maximize power play effectiveness are also effective tools for a team.

The Petes just completed their top 2 seasons in the last 12 years and the entire organization has benefited from Doug’s knowledge and suggestions…from drafting to trading to on ice tactics.

This is extremely interesting information to me and I have only covered a small portion of what CVS has to offer.

Jake Grimes – Associate Coach, Guelph Storm (OHL)

Joshua Rhuele

“I would not be where I am today without Roster Point. My journey began one year ago when I attended a junior hockey showcase event in which we were automatically enrolled into a Roster Point profile, all we had to do was sign on and finish setting it up which was incredibly easy. Within a day my profile was already getting viewed by scouts and teams across Canada and the US, and they were able to message me directly through the app much like a messenger app, and I could reply back to them just as easily. Within a few weeks I was getting invites to head to tryouts and camps and skates with lots of different teams. I continued to follow and progress through Roster Point over the summer, heading into my last year of junior hockey eligibility and I figured with no official team it would be time to hang up the skates for the year, until I got a message inviting me across the province to attend a junior camp in which I was told I had the best odds of making the team, and in the end it all worked out and I’m now getting ready play out my last year of junior hockey and hopefully further my hockey career because of it. I would highly recommend Roster Point to both goalies and players that want to open up doors that were never possible before, and take the next step in their hockey career. I put in tireless amounts of work to get where I am today but it wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the Roster Point program opening up the first door for me.”

-Joshua Ruehle – NEAJBHL – Frog Lake T-Birds

RJ Stansbury

Dear Roster Point,

I would like to share my story as to how the Roster Point web site has helped me.

We met Bryan and one of his assistants at a One Hockey Tournament in Bedford, Ma. before the launch of the site.  I believe it was late May of 2016, wow I thought what a great idea so I signed up and have been with them ever since.  In this time I have been on Roster Point I have received 16 views individual views from different teams from the USA and Canada and have been contacted by 12 different teams looking for me to join them from the GMHL to, EHL, EJHL, USPHL and to the NA3HL the number of organizations was vast.  In the end I decided to stay close to home to finish out my senior year of high school and chose to go with the… Tier 1 U18 North East Generals (as a side note I will be playing some NA3HL games). I’ve gone from this CM Outlaws U16 AA to this North East Generals U18 Tier 1.

My time with the Outlaws organization was great for the most part, however for me to grow and develop my skills as a player and a person I needed to move on to achieve my next three goals.  They are to play Junior Hockey and give me a chance to mature, play College Hockey to develop further, and then hopefully someday make it to the PRO Level. Roster Point has helped me gain exposure that other sites have not, when I do finally make it to the show I will remember to thank them for helping me get there.


RJ Stansbury – Roster Point Player – North East General Tier 1 U18

Hunter McKenzie

“I like how Roster Point Hockey gets your name out there and how someone my age can use the same recruiting resources that Roster Point offers that a player in the Junior leagues use too. I also like how coaches and teams and contact you directly and there’s no in between person. I also like how easy it is to use and navigate through. It’s also nice how Roster Point sends you an email when a team or coach has sent you a message, that way you never miss anything and you can reply back as soon as possible and makes you look professional and responsible. It has helped me to gain knowledge of AAA team that are interested in me in and out of state. It has also helped me to keep all my stats, videos, and about me kind of things in one area. That way if a coach asks for some information about me and what I have accomplished I can just direct him to my Roster Point profile. I look forward to using Roster Point Hockey this season and many more seasons to come. It is definitely the all in one recruiting website. It will also be fun to attend the combine in Michigan where I live which I was invited to through Roster Point which allows overlooked and underrated players a chance to show their skills to scouts and other junior league teams and coaches. It WILL help others to get connected to out of state teams that are interested in picking up another player, that way you can open up opportunities other than your hometown. Thanks again”.

Hunter McKenzie, Roster Point Member


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