The Roster Point 5 Star Rating system serves to indicate to both the player, and recruiting teams, how complete their profile is.  Each star represents the completeness of each component of a players profile:

What the Stars Represents

1st Star – Does the player have the basic information entered?

2nd Star – Does the player have the additional player information entered?

3rd Star – Does the player have his Stats entered?

4th Star – Are the players Stats Verified? (Stats will appear in green)

5th Star – Does the player have Video Footage on his profile?

Basic Information – This is represented by having a Player Profile, call it a freebee.

Additional Information – This is the player’s Bio, Strengths, Weaknesses, Needs Improvement, Future Goals, and Desired League filled out.

Stats Entered – Players are either verified, where there statistics are brought over from the Elite Prospects database, or their statistics are manually entered

Verified Stats – Players stats are in Elite Prospects and are populated in Roster Point automatically.

Video Footage – Players must understand that in order for a team to make a serious decision like an invite to main camp or a request that the player report to the team, they are going to want to see Video Footage. (Roster Point employs professional staff that will come to the player’s game and video the game. They then edit the film and post it on the player’s profile for them)


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