The book Selling the Dream discuses the costs of hockey today and the parents that are willing to spend their last dollar to give their player every opportunity to make it to the BIG LEAGUES.

Matt Duchene’s dad said he spent $300K on hockey, while his house was falling apart, he said he didn’t own any other real estate or even a cottage, yet he worked in Real Estate which would have given him the opportunities to have such things. Now Matt is making $6M, so all of that was worth it. This is by far the norm however. It’s said that less than 1% of hockey players will ever play a single game in the NHL. If this is true why do parents continue to spend this kind of money? What’s more interesting is the number of development companies out there now. They’re just like Tim Hortons, one on every corner and all claiming to be the one that will give the player the skill to play in the big leagues. Just walk into any arena and the community bulletin board is full of hockey development coaches, skating specialists, stickhandling specialist, shooting specialists, body contact specialist and more. There’s are specialist for every facet of the game and parents are buying into all of them.

There’s no doubt that the more ice time a player gets the better he’ll become, even if he’s just on his own he’ll get better. We all know that it takes a tremendous amount of skill to make it to the next level. But what about the Exposure an average to above average player will need to get to the next level?

The list below shows the amount of money being spent on development, equipment and prep school. The missing piece is the Exposure needed to get noticed by scouts and coaches at the next level.

$35,000 – $80,000
Yearly tuition for a Hockey Academy or Prep School which blends elite players with private school education.
$1,500 – $1,750
The price for 12 week, 3 times per week, Power Skating sessions with an experienced professional teacher.
$400 – $1,200
Average cost of a mid level to high grade skate with newest boot technology.
$2,000 – $3,000
The price for off-ice strength and conditioning training with experienced professional trainer.
$250 – $750
The cost for a 10 lesson stickhandling program with an experienced professional coach
$300 – $500
The cost for 8 shooting lessons with an experienced professional
$250 – $800
Low to high end cost of a one piece composite stick


I talk to parents all the time and the most common objection to an Exposure Plan is “We just spent thousands of dollars on tuition, skates, development lessons and so on” So I ask you again, WHAT ABOUT THE PLAYERS EXPOSURE? If you’re banking on a scout finding your player without an Exposure Plan, you’d be better off playing a nickle slot machine in Vegas.

Roster Point Hockey (RPH) provides the missing Exposure piece with their UEP. Their Ultimate Exposure Package UEP is designed to give your player the amount of exposure he needs. The UEP is a Social Media Campaign. These Campaigns can adjusts to give the individual player the correct amount exposure on each of RPH’s Social Media Channels ensuring the player gets noticed. Providing your player has the right skill set the UEP will be successful and opportunities will be abundant.

We recommend players have a Player Profile by Peewee. Without one there is no online data for the player anywhere on the internet. If the player is playing AA there will not be an online profile for him either anywhere on the internet. Even if the player has an online profile somewhere, it has wrong data on it. The only online profile that will be accurate is the Roster Point Profile, because you manage it.

The player should have an Exposure Plan / Social Media Campaign going by the time he is in Bantam and no later. Visit these links and you’ll see why your player needs an Ultimate Exposure Package.


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