The Ultimate College Hockey Package

The UCHP provides College Bound players with an opportunity that they’ll never find anywhere else. It offers Maximum Exposure to NCAA and ACHA Hockey Coaches. Like our Ultimate Exposure Package (UEP) which provides exposure to Junior Hockey as well, the UCHP focuses only on College Hockey opportunities.

Our College Hockey Experts know what College Coaches look for in a prospect, they also know how to get the player the best deal on tuition fees. Our resident expert has put more players in the NCAA and ACHA than any other coach in the US. The best thing about the UCHP is, if accepted, a College Hockey Position is guaranteed.

NCAA & ACHA teams from all over the USA work with Roster Point. They get a special look at our Players who have indicated in their profiles that College Hockey is their goal. After the teams get a view the players that wish to attend school and play hockey, they indicate the players that they’re most interested in. Almost always we see the same player names on multiple lists. This gives the player huge leverage when it comes to choosing where they’d like to attend. The player chooses his top 3 schools and we go to work. Between the player, his family, and the interested schools we find the best fit for the player. If this sounds simple it’s because we do all the work and the player reaps all the rewards.

Acceptance into the UCHP is not guaranteed, there are some criteria that need review prior to committing one of our guaranteed spots. We understand that every player brings their own set of skills and talents. The following is what we consider:

The Player’s Bio – We look to see if the player uses proper grammar and has spell checked their work. We want to get a feel for the desire the player has and how he articulates this in his words.
Grades – If the player’s grades aren’t within with a schools minimum acceptable limits, we have to see if there are any other schools that will accept the player’s grades.
The Player’s Position – Has he played the position a long time? Is he flexible? Can he play multiple positions?
Player Stats and Playing History – Is the player a defensive minded or offensively minded player? Both have roles on a hockey team, but what does the school need?
References – The player must have good references from a current or former coach and a current or former teacher. References are often taken over video evidence.
Player’s Video – A very important piece of the pie is the player’s video clips. College Teams want to make sure the player’s skill is the right fit.

The cost of the UCHP is $1,500.00. We wave the monthly $9.99 fee while the player is using either one of our programs. $1,500 is not even close to what Family Advisors will charge a family and this is guaranteed. A common question is can we get a player into D1, and the answer is Yes, but players and parents need to be realistic about their goals. If the player has D1 potential he will have probably already been contacted by D1 Colleges. Yes sometimes even these players get missed, but not often. We generally find that most players will end up being solid NCAA D3 or ACHA D1, D2 or D3.

Players will know if they’re accepted shortly after they sign up for a Player Profile on Roster Point.
We do not qualify players for this program who don’t have a Player Profile on our site.
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