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I often use the analogy between what a University or College student does when he or she graduates to what hockey parents do after they spend so much money on developing their children’s hockey career. In order to find success in life a very high percentage of us attend College or University after our high school days. There are tuition fees, books, accommodations, meals and basic living expenses for students that go to postsecondary school. These costs can be very high and most people end up taking out loans to cover them. There are also costs to play competitive hockey such as yearly registration fees, monthly fees for tournaments, ice time, supplies, sometimes coaches’ salaries, extra training and so on. Plus, the costs for hockey camps, skating coaches, shooting coaches and any other extracurricular programs parents pay for outside of their child’s team fees.

So, what do University students and hockey players have in common? They both aspire for something better. A university student wants to find a career and be very successful, a hockey player wants to play at the highest level such as the NHL or NWHL. The common denominator is the amount of money that is spent by each to achieve their goals. Yes, the amount of money may be different but the fact is both are very expensive for parents.

Here’s where the difference is. College students graduate and immediately build a resume that now includes their education on it, they attend job fairs, do interviews and network with influential people to find the career they have worked so hard for. Hockey players attend tryouts in minor hockey or junior hockey and let fait determine what happens to them. They may get noticed during a tryout by the right person, they may not, they may have been drafted but chances are very low that this has happened so they wait to be found by a scout, coach or GM. They leave so much up to fait and chance. The biggest mistake they make is not promoting them like the University student does. You wouldn’t see a College graduate get his diploma and do nothing except go home and sit on the couch! I certainly hope not anyways! So why do hockey parents and hockey players spend all that money on development if they are going to just wait to be found? They should be promoting their skill and talent to the level of hockey they aspire to play at. Now I understand that one of the factors that still exist in the game is politics but this will never change, at least I don’t believe it will.

The funny thing is we all know this, but we haven’t concerned ourselves with it. Besides where would you find a type of forum for players to promote their skills and talents directly to recruiting? Look no further, Roster Point was designed to provide this forum for players and teams to network with one another to find tangible opportunities. Roster Point removes the traditional barriers to get access to recruiting teams. Hockey recruitment has never been easier, and with Roster Point your dream of playing junior hockey, and living the hockey life is one step closer. No one has to wait to be found anymore. Players can build dynamic custom profiles on Roster Point and they can do this for FREE.

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