When do you start collecting data, how do you maintain it and what do you do with it?

Roster Point Hockey has been promoting players for over a year now.  We have some great success stories that may suggest a good age to start promoting your player would be at 15.  But we believe that, although anytime you start to promote your players career is a good time, the ideal time is at 12 and here’s why.

Junior and Scholastic teams are very interested in seeing a player’s progression vs just a snap shot at Minor Midget.  The elements of progression they wish to see in the player’s game are skating, agility, foot speed, shooting, passing, game sense and overall compete level. These teams want to see this progression starting from age 12 or 13.

Game film, verified stats, player bio, height, weight measurements, combine scores, playing history and scouting reports need to be kept somewhere so teams can access it when ever they need it. A lot of people don’t know that Junior and Scholastic programs start to watch players at Peewee and having a progression plan is an ideal way to ensure your player is ready and in the best position to be drafted or recruited.

Roster Point Hockey has developed a Player Profile and a system that is perfect for parents and players to keep their own progression data in a professional manner.  You can’t rely on other people to keep all this information for your player.  The number of players that get missed or over looked is staggering and the number of players that are getting opportunities that simply shouldn’t be is also shocking.  You simply can’t trust anyone to store and maintaining your players progression data other than yourself and Roster Point Hockey. Doug Marshall, Owner of CVS Analytics and an NHL Player Analyst says, “hockey organizations from the NHL down to junior and school programs are starting to realize the benefits of tracking patterns and trending from as young as 12. Scouting and recruiting are significantly more successful when organizations can look at multiple years of hockey and school.”  There aren’t any other companies offering parents a solution to this right now other than Roster Point Hockey.  Marshall goes on to say “The competition for players is intense. Organizations select players based on who best helps their program.  The higher the frequency that recruiters / scouts see a player dramatically affects their selection chances.  This is usually the deciding factor when similar players are being considered.” Roster Point Hockey had over 50 players drafted from our site in the 2017 Draft season and we were using our Social Media Postings and Newsletter Player Showcase to promote the players. In closing Marshall said “Providing a hockey organization with data from multi years is very important now.  Parents / Players should provide information on both school and any athletic sport prior to the start of high school” CVS Analytics is the worlds most accurate ranking system and has a 93% rate of success when ranking 15-year-old players who will go on to play over 100 games in the NHL.

Now you might be asking yourself, so now that I have all this data in my sons Player Profile what do I do with it? This is where Roster Point Hockey’s marketing power comes in to play. We take snap shots of the player at different points from the time you build his profile to his draft year and create social media posts with it and then share it on our social media platforms like Twitter, Linked In, Facebook and Instagram so every scout, GM and coach can see it and we send it out in our Weekly Player Showcase Newsletter.  We don’t stop there either, we can offer you an Analytics report to show you exactly how the posts did, the number of impressions they got and other data such as the number of searches there was for his name.  Like Doug Marshall said The higher the frequency that recruits/scouts see a player dramatically affects their selection chances.  This is usually the deciding factor when similar players are being considered.” What these posts do is bring attention to your player and the more we do this the more he will be in the minds of the teams doing the drafting and recruiting.

To take your players exposure to a new level we also offer a variety of other tools that will help promote him.  Scouted combine events, Tournament play on one of our RPH World Selects Teams, Video services to highlight the player and show game footage and a CVS Evaluation are just a few of the Exposure tools we offer.

They say if you want something done right, to do it yourself, and this is exactly what Roster Point Hockey allows you to do. Build your players custom player profile, add his stats, fill out his bio, explain what his goals are at that time, add video (up to 3 at this point, will be unlimited soon), get to a combine so his scores can be added to his profile, order a scouting report, keep the profile updated and purchase social media campaigns throughout his career to allow the right people to see his progression.  There is no better way to ensure he gets the proper looks in his draft year.

For further information visit out website at rosterpointhockey.com or speak to one of our Recruiters.

If you’re interested in becoming an RPH Recruiter email info@rosterpointhockey.com.