We have a Family Advisor already, why would my son need to use Roster Point Hockey as well?

The answer to this question is very simple, to maximize your son’s Exposure.

Some Advisors will tell you that you don’t need to use Roster Point Hockey to promote your son’s career, some of them will tell you to use Roster Point Hockey to promote your son’s career. It depends on how progressive the Advisor I find. At the end of the day it’s all about Exposure for your son and every player needs exposure no matter what their rank or skill level.  Advisors have a close network of teams and scouts that they work with, and they guide players and parents through the Drafting Process, and or the NCAA Recruitment Process.

Roster Point Hockey on the other hand isn’t affiliated with any teams or leagues. We don’t have these tight relationships with team owners, GM’s, coaches or scouts. We don’t receive a finders fee for placing a player on a team. We believe our service should be 100% player focused.  We’re working purely for the player and we wouldn’t be able to offer players so many opportunities if we were in bed with only a few teams.  Roster Point  Hockey  promotes players to every level of hockey and specifically to the level that a given player aspires to play at.  We don’t evaluate players based on skill level, we let the players profile do all the talking. We simply bring the two parties together and offer the team the information that the player provides.

We started out with zero followers and now we’re up over 10K on all of our platforms. We had over 50 players Drafted to the CHL, USHL and NAHL in our first year of business. Our followers are 90% hockey people, scouts, teams, GM’s and coaches.  We ensure every player gets noticed, because there are way too many being left behind. It’s that simple, we’re your Player Promotion Experts. Whether it’s to a Pro team in North America or Europe, a Junior team at the Tier III, II, I, Jr. C, Jr. B, Jr. A or Major Junior, a Spring team or a Minor Hockey AAA team.  There is simply no better way to promote a player than by using our services.  We provide all the opportunities and your Family Advisor can help you navigate through all of them. Plus, because we’re compliant with NCAA Rules (source: 2017/2018 NCAA Manual, rule # players don’t run the risk of becoming ineligible for NCAA opportunities by creating a free profile on our site or by using our services to maximize his exposure.  So if you have a skilled player at home, and  you’ve already hired a Family Advisor you’ll be giving your son’s future a giant boost in a positive direction if you also sign him up for a Free Player Profile on Roster Point Hockey.

If you happen to be a parent facing the dilemma of what to do if you have an Advisor or Agent already and they’re asking you to take your son’s profile down, or you’re just considering using RPH, contact me anytime to discuss this.

What parent doesn’t want their player to have the most exposure?