Roster Point in an online neutral platform designed for Aspiring Hockey Players and Recruiting Hockey Teams. The goal is to bridge the gap between players that have been missed by traditional recruiting efforts and Teams that need players at varying skill levels. Since we originally launched our services have changed a few times as we looked for better ways to expose players to teams.

Today we offer a subscription based site for players to join and receive exposure to the teams that have subscribed to find players. We also have an Ultimate Exposure Package that gives players their absolute best chance of getting noticed. For the teams looking for players we have two subscriptions for them to choose from, The Recruiter and The Pro Recruiter. We are also investing into a monthly E-Magazine, NEXT LEVEL” that will serve as additional promotion for the Ultimate Exposure Players and give international attention to any hockey business looking to advertise their brand to a captive audience.

Players and parents that understand the importance of having an online profile will be very pleased with our Player Profiles as they are 100% customizable for the player and editable so the players data can be accurate at all times. For the very serious player there’s the UEP which will get the player unmatched exposure to the entire hockey world. The UEP will create demand for the player by putting him on the radar of hundreds coaches and scouts.

Both Team subscriptions offer teams access to over 40,000+ player profiles which include player data like height, weight, shot, hand, position, playing history, stats history, a bio with an about me section, strengths, needs improvements & future goals. Additionally they will find video on the player which is intended to show progression from year to year & references. The player fills out a registration form and he gives us information on his grades, where he aspires to play, employment, work history, relocation desire and a Player Status which is most important to find out whether the player is a Free Agent (available), Signed (not available) or Injured (what the injury is). Because the players input their own data it is the most accurate information any team will find on a player in our system.

The differentiating factors between the two team subscriptions are how the team can communicate with the player. Our Recruiter offers a built in messaging system which uses email to notify players of a team landing on their profile and any messages that teams leave for the player. The Pro Recruiter give teams even more access to the players personal contact information like actual email address, cell number and social media accounts for Direct Messaging. The Pro Recruiter has a large advantage over the Recruiter and therefore it’s a bit more expensive.

The new E-magazine promises to be a big hit with both player readers, team and scout readers and any hockey team, school, business that’s interested in a captive audience of over 15,000 to start off with.

Joining Roster Point for players is very easy, they can simply click Login, Register, answer some questions, decide on the type of exposure they’d like, Onsite or the UEP, pay the monthly fee for players or choose to talk to a Sales Consultant about the UEP option. Anyone choosing the UEP will not pay the regular monthly fee. All subscriptions are for one year, they are auto-renewing at the anniversary date. Clients will receive a notification of their subscription approaching their renewal date.

Over the past two years we have accumulated a lot of testimonials from players who we’ve helped expose their career. There are been 2 players drafted to the NHL, Cameron Hillis is one of them and he has given us a TSN interview to listen to (see the front page), over 120 players drafted to the CHL, USHL and NAHL, numerous players have committed to Collegiate Hockey and hundreds of players have signed Playing Contracts in other junior, collegiate and Pro leagues.

Roster Point 2.0 is almost here and we couldn’t be more excited to have it go live in a couple of days. The new features will enhance the recruiting process for both players and teams and our hopes are we’ll be able to register players from coast to coast in North America and Europe. There has never been and there’s currently not another service that will get a player more exposure than RPH and for a small monthly fee of $9.99. You could be getting the Ultimate Exposure for only $999.99 and you’ll be receiving a ton of offers in only a few days.

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