Coach Reference

To whom it may concern,

I am honored to write this letter of reference on behalf of Wyatt Monear.

I first met Wyatt last year when I became one of his goalie coaches. Since my time with him he has been through a lot of adversity. He has been cut from a few tryouts that he had high hopes for and has bounced around a few different teams and leagues. Most athletes I have coached would have thrown in the towel due to the struggle and pain caused by the disappointment, but Wyatt is not most athletes. He worked extremely hard, often training with me 2 to 3 times a day, in order to get back to his elite performance level. Due to his work ethic and commitment Wyatt has proven to me that he truly wants to earn his goals of playing the highest-level hockey.

On top of Wyatt’s athleticism and resiliency, he is an exceedingly mature and responsible young man. Wyatt approached me about volunteering and helping me coach the young goalies in our community. He has spent countless hours with me at the rink helping coach our youth and has done a fantastic job. He is reliable and has never missed a skate that he said he would be at. The kids love him, and he has a bright future as a leader in any field that he pursues.

Due to Wyatt’s work ethic, commitment, and character I believe he would be a great candidate for any program and will represent it the right way. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach me anytime.


Steve Thompson CSCS

USA Hockey Pacific District Goaltending Coach-in-Chief

Owner/ Head Instructor Alaska Goaltending Academy

Wyatt Monear is an outstanding young man who came to play for the Seattle Totems halfway through our 2017/2018 season. He is a team guy first and foremost. He made an immediate impact to our locker room and to our goaltending situation. He is a hard worker who shows up ready to compete everyday. Wyatt is a goalie who will benefit any goaltending situation and he is an even better young man. He is a good citizen who enjoys helping people and wants to see people succeed.  We are extremely excited to see what is in store for his very bright future.
Mike Murphy, Head Coach, Seattle Totems


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